"No, fuck you. I was worth it."
and I’m still worth it (via honeybunny13)

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"At the start it was all roses and smiles and laughs. You would tie up my lace dresses and whisper words in my ear. That always sent shivers down my spine. You’re beautiful. You would make me eggs for breakfast and take out the garbage when I slept in late. In the middle it was you saying I gained some weight and the dress was tight, the zipper wouldn’t work. You would kiss my neck and tell me it was okay though. You’re fantastic. You would leave me a note saying you had to leave extra early even though I was running late and that breakfast was cereal. In the end it was me standing alone it my room struggling to do up my own dress. My hands would shake from the sadness. You’re gone. It was me skipping breakfast when I got up late so that we could go back to the start again. I miss you."

"I hate when you love someone and they do something so unacceptable and unexplainable that you can’t get over it. Its like you could never imagine someone being so shitty, but here they go surprising you. Things are not the same as they used to be and they never will be. When you stare into his baby blue eyes you don’t see the ocean anymore. Instead of happiness and freedom and dreams you see a demon ripping your skin to shreds. You see all the words he said that he can never take back. You see a boy who lied to get into your pants. A boy who really did’t care at all. It never gets easier. Because you are trying to love a person that does not exist.This was the true them all along, you just didn’t see the demon until now."

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